Channel manager details

For more details on Klik.Villas Channel manager.


It is simple to update your availability on multiple platforms, ensure your listings are accurate, possibly improve their ranking and avoid bogus enquiries! Of course Klik.Villas features an iCal link, possibly the most common format to share a calendar. But most importantly, our XML connection is the most reliable and the preferred choice with most channel partners.

Dynamic Rates

All rental professionals can manage their rental rates across many platforms to generate instant confirmation. While user insert their generic pricing, specifics (ie min stay, inclusion of taxes, cost of extra bed, …) and reduced occupancy rates, Klik.Villas and its partners allow for users to manage their rates independently with each channel.

Bookings import

The import of bookings is what makes what is called a “2 way” connection with a channel. Simply, Klik.Villas automatically imports into its calendar all confirmed bookings made on any “2 way” channel. Any change to these bookings is also reflected to update availability, automatically shared with all channels.

Listing data & photos

When managing several properties, fast tracking the registration and listings set up (as well as update over time) is a key element in optimising one’s resources and distribution strategy. Klik.Villas synchronises your listing data, description, facilities and images with most channels.